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The micronutrients folic acid, vitamin B12 and iodine play a decisive role in the development of your child.

Folic acid is particularly significant, as it is crucial for all cell division processes and for the growth of maternal tissue. In order to provide the best foundation for the normal development of nascent human life, this vitamin should be available to the body in sufficient volumes at the start of pregnancy.

For carrying out its tasks, folic acid requires vitamin B12, as both work closely together in all areas.
Furthermore, vitamin B12 plays a decisive role in blood formation. This is highly important for pregnant women due to their enormous increase in blood production.

Iodine is a mineral which is needed for the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones control the growth and development of organs, the nervous system, brain, musculature and the skeletal system. Did you know that from the 12th week of pregnancy your child's thyroid begins its own hormone production? To achieve this, the thyroid relies solely on the iodine taken up in your diet.
In Folio® these three valuable micronutrients are united.

With one tablet a day, you can supplement your diet during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period in a sound and targeted way.

If you suffer from thyroid disease and are thus not allowed any additional iodine intake, you may use Folio®iodine-free.