We’re here hoping to make a difference in improving the health of newborns and help couples to fulfill their wish to have a child. With our team, we are shaping the future of the company. We are always looking for people with passion and a creative mind to join our mission.

About us

Our company does not solely operate for economic objectives. We help couples to fulfill their wishes to have children, improve  the well-being of pregnant women, fewer children are born with malformations and are adequately supplied with nutrients and can therefore develop optimally.
We are proud of our great capabilities as a team and we work closely together to achieve our goals. Different opinions and views of team members are always respected and are taken into account when making decisions. Our company philosophy in combination with the input of our staff builds the framework for a long lasting and solid business success.


We work closely together to achieve common goals, which allows us to benefit from the individual strengths of our team members.


We respect our team members, their opinions and different views.


We are convinced that a good communication is the basis for a perfect work environment and we believe that issues can be resolved through an appropriate communication.


We enjoy what we do and we are motivated everyday to put our best effort into our work.


When working with different partners around the world, we constantly are confronted with exciting challenges that demand creativity and pragmatism.


As a modern business, new technology allows us more flexibility in regard to our work.

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We are always looking for bright and eager minds to join our Team and we are looking forward to your application.

SteriPharm Export GmbH
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