Research and Development

We are continuously working to be ahead with our research and we are engaged in optimizing existing formulations and developing new products to maintain our position as a leader in the industry.

Our Vision

Our company follows a clear vision – to supply couples and families around the world optimally with vitamins and minerals.
While we continuously are looking into optimizing our existing formulations, we explicitly follow newest research to relevant topics as well as updates and improvements by the scientific community and recommendations from national authorities or institutions and the WHO.

New areas of application

Our research is not only limited to the topics of child planning and fertility, early pregnancy, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, but we also extend our focus to other areas of application, to find specialized solutions and develop new products for certain life situations that require a particular nutrient supply, thereby becoming the partner of choice for the whole family.
Currently these additional topics of focus include different forms of special nutrition in regard to life style choices but also concerning genetic and pre-existing conditions that require a special nutrient intake, as well as taking a closer look at how a targeted vitamin and mineral supply can also benefit children and can help to increase vitality in later life stages.

At SteriPharm, we continuously work on developing and optimizing solutions for different life circumstances that demand a special nutrient supply, and thereby help our consumers to a healthy well-being.

Konstantin Schöne CEO & Managing Director

Safety and quality

We place highest importance to the safety of our customers and make sure that through a professional product development, safety is always ensured and that our products are not harmful in any way. We generally try to avoid the inclusion of allergens in all our products, and we carefully select our raw material suppliers to ensure quality as well as safety. At the same time, we are working with the highest quality standards in the industry and all our products are produced at a GMP certified manufacturing site, using state of the art technology.


Our manufacturing sites are adhering to internationally recognized standards for environmental and energy management systems that go beyond legal requirements. We avoid animal testing and are exploring ways to eliminate raw materials of animal origin from our products. We constantly are researching new packaging solutions as well to reduce the use of oil-based plastics or by finding recyclable or compostable bio-friendly alternatives.


Innovation and Design is a driving factor for our company and a pillar for our success. Our click-dispenser has become iconic for our products and we continuously are looking at new innovative forms of packaging and solutions for our product formulations, such as a visibly swimming tablet inside a transparent capsule for a solid and liquid combination of vitamins and minerals to maintain a once-daily dosage instead of having to take a capsule and a tablet each day.


preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding


Genetic and pre-existing conditions

Lifestyle choices

Vitality in later life stages

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